Barrie Maylott has 30 years of eLearning industry experience. As part of a college internship, Barrie discovered eLearning when he was tasked with building an interactive instruction manual for chemistry students. Since then, Barrie has worked with numerous organizations in large pharma, health systems, large NGOs (i.e. the World Bank), medical device manufacturers, cosmetics companies, financial institutions, retail pharmacies, insurers and professional associations. Most recently, Barrie worked with CaseNetwork, a technology enhanced clinical care and wellness education company, to design and develop the technologies used to build and run their offerings. Before CaseNetwork, Barrie was responsible for the day to day management, technical direction, and instructional design practice of SoftAssist, a leading custom eLearning company.

Barrie is an expert in creating eLearning rapid development solutions. These platforms have been built on Adobe Flash, html, and JavaScript on the client side, and Microsoft technologies (IIS, C#, .net) on the server side. Barrie also has extensive experience working with Learning Management Systems (LMS), from consulting with clients to determine the best LMS for their organization, to integrating custom courses within many different systems, and working directly with LMS vendors.